They Were Never Enough

If I knew that you will grow out of my hugs and kisses, I would have hugged you more. Although I thought I hugged you a lot, and kissed you million kisses a day, But I should have hugged you more, and maybe kept kissing you after bedtime story till you fell asleep. There was … Continue reading They Were Never Enough

I Am Me

I am me here alone owing nothing expecting none. Voices and grins creep in with their smirks and eye rolls from the past to put their spell of guilt on me. I am not guilty I am not innocent I am just me. So let me be and you be as you were before you … Continue reading I Am Me

My Apartment

Sometimes I just yearn to you,to be there again!Maybe because you were secludedor maybe because I was.Maybe because I was alone in you, or you were alone in me,and all my emotions and aspirationsscattered all over your floor and corners.Maybe because the plants spoke to me there when all were silent,or maybe because Star and … Continue reading My Apartment