I Admire You Silently

I admire you silently. Like the hissing of trees after a storm. Like the petals of an abandoned flower. I admire you in your purity, in your new born body that smells like the sand of Sour. I admire you without you knowing from behind the balcony door or while you dose off into the … Continue reading I Admire You Silently

Crawling Fish

It always startsthe morninga million years ago.Then all the creaturesthat were once ahappy floating fishbut didn’t succumb to its fateor give in to its sharksthat escaped itand evolved on land…crawl back at its shoreas the sun summons themduring the day.They tease the wavesthat keep them out,and build their dream homes…castles in the sand,which it erases … Continue reading Crawling Fish

It is what it is

It is what it is.Fragments of perfectrelationships.Irrational numbersthat add up to zero.Forgotten dates.Unsent messages.Silent phones that don’t ringor buzz when they should.Sticker greetings.Facebook reminders for Facebook friends between the ads and the fadayi7.Giffy emotions.Faces tanned with screen lights.Perceptions sitting on theface of realitysuffocating it.It is what it is.A portrait of still lifeA decay in progressSublime … Continue reading It is what it is