Paris … I am Coming to You

Paris … I am Coming to You


I am coming to you 

I am finally 

answering your call

You grew old 

and your whispers

grew tired

but I still hear my name 

When you sing in your 

loneliest nights.

the bricks of your streets

that gather the sparkles

of the moon 

in the flickers of rain drops

then sends them peacefully

to wander the alleys

like children running

after a balloon. 

Your walls

golden in the twilight

white at night

and dancing to the sun

offering flowers to the breeze. 

The street lamps

that shined over

artist sketch books

poets note books

and swiped with its shadows

the tears of kissing lovers

near the bridge. 

I am coming to you. 





When you close your eyes 

to meditate,

every where becomes the same,

the mountain far

the river tame

peace resides in your mind

it is all have been 

all along 


in this moment 

that doesn’t have a name 

has no past to forget

has no future to gain

This moment has no fear or shame.

When you close your eyes 

to meditate 

you make the waves

ebb and flow

you call the birds to chirp and sing

you make the moon light and glow

when you close your eyes 

to meditate

happiness resides in your heart

it is all have been 

all along 


Wissam Charafeddine




When everyone 

is youtubing

and photographing their sight,

when Video bloggers are everyone

and Instagram is a right. 

When your picture with dog ears and tongue,

 Is there for your snap chatting friends to catch,

And everyone is doing the same,

who is left 

out there to watch?

When all the food you eat,

is drooled  into your phone,

will you be remembered by your food

or forgotten with your dead phone?

And when everyone 

goes facebook live,

is being there

less live?

When everyone

follows everyone,

what is it to follow


These questions

might seem non-pleasant to you,

but they are 

your identity. 
Wissam Charafeddine 

July 16, 2017
Photo taken by Wissam Charafeddine of an installation in the Arab American Museum titled “street pulse” 2012 by Ahmad Angawi.